3 American Ski Areas Are OPEN For Skiing This Weekend

3 American Ski Areas Are OPEN For Skiing This Weekend


3 American Ski Areas Are OPEN For Skiing This Weekend


Early snowfall and colder temps in the midwest has allowed three ski areas to get up and running for the 2022/23 ski season. That’s right, you can go make October ski turns right here in the USA.

To give an overview of what the conditions and operations will look like this weekend, here is an update from Wild Mountain.

“Our snowmaking team hustled the last two nights, and successfully made enough snow for us to open. Yes, the 2022/23 season will kickoff at 12pm today! October 18th matches second earliest opening date in our history (we opened on October 18th in 1992). Wild’s earliest opening date was October 7th in 2012.

Keep in mind that we’ve only had two nights of snowmaking, so our terrain will be extremely limited….

We have early season conditions so all guests should expect bare spots, hidden obstacles, rocks, snowmaking equipment and other obstructions.

Our snow base is limited, so we aren’t sure how long we’ll be able to remain open with the current conditions… so, get in your car and get up here!”

Wild Mountain, MN

The first ski hill to open in North America this season, Wild Mountain, MN will continue to offer skiing and riding.

“Day 3 of Winter 22/23 begins today at 1pm // We’ll be open 1-7pm daily as long as the snow last (or until we expand terrain).”

Andes Tower Hills, MN

Andes Tower Hills, MN will be running its magic carpet from 1-6pm. This is the earliest opening for Andes Tower Hills in the history of the ski resort.

Trollhaugen Outdoor and Recreation Area, WI

Trollhaugen is officially open and with be running the only open chairlift for skiing on Friday from 12-7 pm; further dates and times are TBD.

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