How should one celebrate the 60th anniversary of one of the most well known ski resorts in the world? They could build new lifts, create a large exhibit to commemorate old ones, or offer special deals on food and drinks. They could give out prizes, host a large competition, or simply party all season! Or, they could open two new bars to commemorate the bars of the past.

That’s exactly what Vail Mountain is reportedly planning to do this season with two brand new ice bars operating alongside the resort’s two new ski lifts. The bars are set to be built out of ice and snow, requiring a re-sculpting after every winter storm. They’ll act to commemorate the 30-foot concrete and snow bar that operated on the resort for reportedly around 2 months, according to Vail Daily. The ice bar was reportedly the creation of one of Vail’s first investors, Bill Whiteford, who first came to the mountain in 1959.

The ice bars are, of course, not the only way Vail intends to celebrate its 60th anniversary. Several other après themed celebrations are set to dot the mountain. These include the Vail Après Passport, two signature limited edition spirits through 10th Mountain Whisky, and signature cocktail and hot chocolate services at The Arrabelle. The mountain also intends to have two anniversary celebration events, the Birthday Bash on December 15th and the Look Ma Mogul Challenge in in early spring.

I’ve never been to Vail. I have no real reason whatsoever to attend any of these celebration. I do, however, really want to check some of this stuff out. Specifically, I want to check out these ice bars! Altogether, all of this sounds like a boat load of fun. Vail’s season is set to begin on November 11th, so grab your tickets soon if you want to give any of this stuff a try! Happy 60th Vail, here’s to many more!

Image Credit: Vail Mountain via Instagram

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