Nidecker Debuts First Self-Closing Two-Strap Binding

Nidecker Debuts First Self-Closing Two-Strap Binding


Nidecker Debuts First Self-Closing Two-Strap Binding


“The future is here and it’s a 𝗦𝗨𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗖 one. The first self-closing two-strap binding, which works with any snowboard boot has arrived.
Any conditions, quick & convenient.”
There are several step-in/step-on snowboard binding on the market but Nidecker has taken a slightly different approach to the age old design problem with the introduction of their new rear entry two-strap system.
For the purist, any snowboard binding that doesn’t involve the ritual of ratcheting down every time you get of a chairlift may seem like blasphemy but Nidecker’s new SUPERMATICs ($399) seems to be the closest thing I’ve seen to a traditional system minus the strapping in.
If you recognize the similarities between the SUPERMATICs and FLOW Blinding (been around since 1996) you are not alone. It appears they fall under same umbrella as Nidecker’s website links out to FLOW’s and vise versa.
Anyway the demo video is pretty slick. I would love to give these things a whirl and see weigh the convenience vs performance. Thoughts?

The Nidecker Supermatic is what snowboarding has been waiting for: the first universal, dual-entry, automatic binding. Many brands have tried and failed to crack the step-in code. Most of these systems required specific boots; many didn’t work well in powder; and none of them were as comfortable and reliable as a regular two-strap binding. We’ve spent four years developing our own solution that addresses all these issues, and it’s a genuine game changer.

The Supermatic works using a triggered hiback we call Drop-In Tech. Just push your foot in through the back and step down on the heel pedal to automatically engage the binding. That’s it – you’re ready to shred. A simple release lever makes exiting just as rapid. The straps are the same comfy AuxTech design found on our traditional high-end bindings. Adjust them once, then lock them in place using the aluminium Locking Slap Ratchets to enjoy a perfect fit every time. The beauty of this system is that it works with any boot from any manufacturer, and there’s no fiddly mechanism to get clogged. If the slope or snow conditions demand it, you can even strap in just like a regular binding.

We built the Supermatic using tried-and-trusted materials found throughout our line. The brand-new baseplate is constructed from bulletproof glass-filled-nylon, with a Slip-N-Grip plate that helps your toe glide in over the pad to make entry even easier. Likewise, we’ve added a roller to the heelcup for buttery smooth operation of the hiback trigger. Finally, the nylon Asym Hadron hiback is designed for a perfect fit, with a responsive flex and an integrated forward lean adjuster for full customization.

Overall it’s a mid-stiff binding which the Nidecker team have rated as our most comfortable to date. We’ve tested it everywhere – on groomers, steep ‘n’ deep freeride lines and in the park – with input from riders of every kind. Bottom line: it’s a speed-entry system you can trust. Whether you’re sick of getting your pants wet doing up your straps, or you wanna smoke your skier friends off the lift…the future just arrived.

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