Get ready, a winter of fun is fast approaching. Soon, you’ll be cruising waist-deep through the season of YEWWW. And the only thing better than that? Getting all the goods while surrounded by your best adventure crew. With access to 50+ of the best mountains on the planet – including brand new destinations added in Japan, Andorra, France, Idaho, British Columbia, and Utah – it’s time to call up old friends, grab your Ikon Pass, and get dialed into all the winter joy that awaits.

Lock your season in now, prices go up on October 14.


From east coast to west, across Canada, the European Alps – to Japan and beyond, the language barrier has just been broken. A little bit of YEWWW says it all while connecting our ranging, diverse mountain-minded community. With this exclamation of joy, you can cut and carve, drop-in big, throw down a nasty little boot dance, hi-five old pals, and raise a glass to all the new friendly faces you meet along the way. Adventure is always better when we’re together, and across the many landscapes that unite us, there’s one universal sound of fun that reigns supreme for all.


From pre-dawn rise-and-shine coffee runs to mid-day mid-mountain hut stops – to where the day takes you after last chair swings around – you know every inch of your home base, every nook and cranny, and where every pocket of stoke sits. You know where your crew loves to ride, where to send it big, and where to sit back and cruise. Whether Big Bear, Bachelor, Big Sky, or beyond, your team has roamed this terrain for years, fine-tuning every turn and tracking new adventures every day. This season, the magic looms larger than ever. Because YEWWW will always have a home here.


There’s nothing quite like the shared excitement of digging into a travel itinerary with friends. And that’s exactly why – before the first snow even hits – every crew across the country has already started to have conversations about trips that rip. Be it bucket list locations in North America or a newly added destination in the Alps (um, hello there, Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley), it’s always a good idea to get your plans for big trips dialed sooner rather than later.

This year, consider using Ikon Pass Travel to explore trips and accommodations. As an exclusive benefit to Ikon Pass holders, this service pulls back the veil at every destination you want to discover. Seamlessly browse airfare, hotels, and activities across mountains. Then, build out your own à la carte adventures and book online, or utilize global destination experts to compare destinations, pick from packages, and claim the best prices. For your crew, easy just got awesome.


Of course, being part of a tight-knit crew means helping each other out along the way. That’s why it’s easier this year to bring the crew along for the adventure. Throughout 22/23 – included with your many Ikon Pass benefits – pass holders get up to 10 Friends & Family discounted lift tickets that can be used for up to 25% off of the window rate at participating destinations. Easier than ever, these discounts can be shared digitally from pass holder accounts and sent directly to friends and family. Bonus points: your friends can kindly pick up the après tab, and the moments you share will last forever.


While we’re currently all waiting at anticipation station, the first snowflakes of winter are right around the corner. Now is the time to let the stoke in and get ready to pump the joy out. Across 50+ destinations worldwide, with 7 brand new mountains for the 22/23 season – including fresh landscapes in Japan, Andorra, and British Columbia – this season of fun lives everywhere your crew wants to be. So, let’s go and get it.

Starting at only $269 adult, find the pass option that’s perfect for YEWWW at Claim yours before prices go up on October 14.

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