"Please Do Not Urinate In Vapor"-National Park

"Please Do Not Urinate In Vapor"-National Park

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"Please Do Not Urinate In Vapor"-National Park


The National Parks Service’s Instagram page (@nationalparkssservice) recently posted an image of an old sign from Arkansas’ Hot Springs National Park.

The sign reads-


It can be assumed that somebody, if not multiple somebodies, urinated in the vapor of the hot springs at some point and thus, a sign was needed…

Check out the full Instagram post below 🤣:

Quick question, and this might be dumb, but how does one urinate in vapor? Isn’t vapor a gas? Can you urinate in a gas? I’m confused, but I’m not sure I exactly want to know the specific details anyways…

I have a life goal of doing something so stupid that it would necessitate a sign to warn against others from making the same mistake. Seems like a pretty good life goal to have, right?

It would make fun a great story to tell at the bar at the very least.

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