Last Wednesday, a former NFL player and a female rock climbing cinematographer passed away while climbing at Tahquitz Rock in California. LAist reports that last Thursday, the Riverside County Coroner’s Bureau released the two names of the deceased rock climbers: Gavin Escobar and Chelsea Walsh.

Gavin was a professional football player and played for the Dallas Cowboys from 2013 to 2016. During his career, he caught thirty passes, had 333 receiving yards, and scored eight touchdowns. Gavin Escobar is survived by his wife and two kids.

Chelsea Walsh was a rock climber, cinematographer, and filmmaker. She produced a documentary called LIGHT, which discussed eating disorders in the rock climbing community. She was also a cinematographer and filmmaker for the PBS show Roadtrip Nation.

The circumstances of how the accident happened have not yet been revealed. According to Climbing Magazine though, Tahquitz Rock is known for its loose rock, and there was a brief thunderstorm that could’ve affected conditions on the rock face while they were climbing. Additionally, one of the climbers was found attached to a rappel device with a rope with knotted ends attached to it, while the other had a rappel device but no rope attached.

We here at Unofficial Networks send our condolences to the families of Gavin Escobar and Chelsea Walsh during this challenging time.

Image Credits(In Chronological Order): Alex Wood/, Dallas Cowboys, Long Beach Fire, Roadtrip Nation

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