Master Surfboard Shaper Collaborates with Jones Snowboards

Master Surfboard Shaper Collaborates with Jones Snowboards


Master Surfboard Shaper Collaborates with Jones Snowboards


“The most congruent aspect of surfing and snowboarding is the rail. The use of the rail, the rail line, the importance of the performance of the board, whether you’re surfing or snowboarding you’re always on one rail or the other. 70% of my focus when designing Surfboards and Snowboards is the rail. The rest of the shape revolves around the rail shape from the camber, rocker to the nose and tail shape. It all relates back to the rail shape which is always the first step in any board I design.” Chris Christenson

Jones Snowboards teamed up with acclaimed surfboard shaper Chris Christenson who brought some fresh design philosophies to their new 2023 Surf Series . The super clean black and white graphics inspired by one of the most iconic graphics available in Christenson’s surfboard line. Beautiful boards, neat backstory, definitely going to price these out (SHOP HERE):


[glīd] n. v.

To move smoothly, continuously, effortlessly.

Glide is everything when it comes to surfing. Without glide you can not catch or ride a wave. Glide is your engine. Good glide means more speed and more options for creativity riding a wave.

Glide is equally important to snowboarding, but not as critical. You can ride a snowboard with poor glide but your options for creativity will be stifled. Have you ever groveled through a powder gully marveling at another rider’s track high on the walls but you can’t get up there? Bad glide, wrong board.

In our quest to develop board designs with the ultimate glide we reached out to a master of shaping ultra-fast gliding surfboards – Chris Christenson.

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