Sad news out of Keystone Resort in Colorado where a bull moose died in what wildlife managers are calling an accident they have never seen before. The Summit Daily reports the moose died after getting tangled in electrical cords connected to snowmaking equipment. Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Rachael Gonzales said no one at the agency has ever seen an animal die under similar circumstances at a ski area.

Parks and Wildlife reports the cause of death was capture myopathy or CM, or a non-infectious disease in animals in which muscle damage results from extreme exertion, struggle or stress.

“It’s basically just that stress on his body. Probably trying to get out from being tangled ended up actually shutting down his body.” Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Rachael Gonzales 

Vail Resorts provided this statement about the unfortunate accident:

“The moose was located near the mid-station of the River Run Gondola, and as part of the guidance we received from (Parks and Wildlife), we received approval to move the moose a short distance into a wooded area, just below where it was found, to dress the moose in order to be able to donate the meat.”

The Colorado Sun posted the video below of the moose being removed from the area.

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