Disgruntled Vail Resorts Employee Holds 90% Flash Sale On Last Day (Allegedly)

Disgruntled Vail Resorts Employee Holds 90% Flash Sale On Last Day (Allegedly)


Disgruntled Vail Resorts Employee Holds 90% Flash Sale On Last Day (Allegedly)


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Let me start by saying that while I trust my sources on this story, I’m still waiting for more information to come out until I can say with 100% certainty that the events as described in this article did in fact happen.

So, here’s the alleged story”

An employee at Breck Sports- Beaver Run, located at the bottom of Breckenridge’s Beaver Run SuperChair, allegedly held an unapproved mega-sale in which he sold everything in the store at 90% off.

It was supposedly the disgruntled employee’s last day of work, and with the store’s managers out of town, nobody was there to stop him from sticking it to Vail Resorts who owns the shop.

I was first made aware of this story thanks to the ever-knowledgeable Weird Foothill Guy (@WFG_DEN) on Twitter.

He normally posts content of him skiing Denver’s foothills on plastic skis, hence the ‘weird’ and ‘foothill’ parts of his pseudonym, but he also has certain, how do I say this…, insider knowledge. I’ll leave it at that.


It turns out the story was first told on a Summit County, CO Facebook group called ‘One Man’s Junk Summit County’, but has since been deleted.

Thankfully, a member screenshotted it.

See below:


The popular Instagram page Epic Lift Lines (@epicliftlines), whose primary purpose is to call out Vail Resorts, has followed up on the news as well.

They aren’t revealing their sources, but they’ve screenshotted multiple texts from Vail Resorts and Breckenridge Employees confirming that the sale did indeed happen.

You can check those out from @epicliftlines below:

It seems like the 90%-off-stick-it-to-the-man-sale did in fact happen, but again, we still aren’t 100% sure. Please remember that everything said in this article is alleged, and I’ll make sure to update it if/when I receive more information.

Also, I hate to be a Debby Downer, and I acknowledge it’s hard not to laugh at a disgruntled employee going all out and screwing over a Vail Resorts shop, but I have to wonder if any undeserving people’s jobs and livelihoods will be effected by his actions.

If you have any information about this story shoot me an email: matt@unofficialnetworks.com

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