has painstakingly analyzed data from Google to create a list of the most popular ski resorts based on search results.

*It’s important to note that Money is a British company, and I’ve already spotted a few flaws in their conclusions, but we’ll get to that later.*

Let’s start with how Money made their list. The company looked at Google Search results per state. The resort searched most-often in each state was deemed the most popular/most desirable for that state.

Each resort’s total number of states where they were the most-often searched was then totaled to determine which was resort was the most popular.

We can debate if that actually matters in determining popularity, but the data is what it is. Take a look at the map created by Money below.

Graphic / map of where the US wants to ski the most

‘Lake Tahoe’ was deemed the most popular ski resort in America using this logic. That’s a little odd considering Lake Tahoe is home to 10+ ski resorts, but the folks over at Money decided to group them all together for some reason…

It makes sense that Tahoe would draw a lot of internet searches, but again, it’s just odd that they decided to group them all together. My guess is that they intended this list to only reach audiences in the UK and didn’t think it was necessary to specify. Oh well.

The rest of the data kind of make sense, besides one glaring mistake in the Mid-Atlantic.

Now, I can’t be entirely sure, but I’m willing to bet an appendage that the most-searched ski resort in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey was not Blue Mountain, Canada. It’s most likely Blue Mountain, PA, the largest and most-popular ski resort in the region. I could see how a Brit would make that mistake, but c’mon man…

To summarize, it’s a funky list that I’m not really sure actually means anything.

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We’re always getting pitched these kind of lists from companies that have nothing to do with the skiing and snowboarding industry to help with their marketing initiatives. They’re usually flawed, such as this one, but they’re still kind of fun to look at, right?

I have fun with them at least.

Congrats to ‘Lake Tahoe Ski Resort’ on being the most popular ski resort in the country!

Header Image: Palisades Tahoe, Please Credit: Matt Lorelli/Unofficial Networks