Is This Cave Flash Flood Fake? (Video)

Is This Cave Flash Flood Fake? (Video)


Is This Cave Flash Flood Fake? (Video)


You can never be 100% sure if a video on the internet is as real as it claims to be. Living in a world of deep-fakes, CGI, and crafty editing can make even the most gullible person skeptical.

The video below shows a large amount of water come rushing through a cave passage right after the spelunker explains that the cave is prone to flash flooding.

I’m leaning towards this being staged, but I’ll let you be the judge!

Notice how the water comes rushing down just at the perfect moment? It almost seems like he gives an audio queue to somebody further up in the cave to release whatever kind of temporary dam they’ve created.

Also, notice how they all seem to laugh afterwards? I feel like anybody who was truly panicking about a flash flood endangering their life would be a little more eager to get the hell out of there.

Either way, it’s a pretty funny video. Let us know if you think it’s fake or real!

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