Tourists Aggravate Elk During Rut (VIDEO)

Tourists Aggravate Elk During Rut (VIDEO)


Tourists Aggravate Elk During Rut (VIDEO)


I literally took my hand and palmed my face watching this video. So many people. So much ignorance. So dangerous.

I understand that elk are beautiful creatures, and don’t get me wrong- I would love to stand inches away from a massive bull elk and observe him in all of his glory. The difference between us and these people is that we know you should never approach an elk, but ESPECIALLY during the fall when the males are in rut.

The fact that there’s just dozens of people crowding around with their cellphones out recording these elk makes me wanna throw my computer through the window and never use the internet again. They’re practically asking for this bull to ram his huge antlers through their flesh.

Video Uploaded By Kris HazeltonWARNING: It is NOT SAFE being too close to wildlife. We shot this video today with our iPhones at Lake Estes. For safety, we never left our vehicle and we kept a very safe distance. Keep in mind though, bulls do gore cars too. We also felt obligated to shout out warnings because some people don’t realize the danger they are in. Elk are very unpredictable and things can change really fast! Length 5:23. Elk Fest is this weekend, Oct 2-3, 2021.

For those of you that don’t know. Male elk (bulls) go into rut during the fall. This is when they try to secure a harem of females to mate with. The bulls become very aggressive towards each other, and humans, to protect their harem. That’s why it’s absolutely bonkers that these people are crowding around this bull when you can clearly see the females in the background.

They’re not only putting themselves in danger, but the elk as well. Word of advice- don’t be like these people. Educate yourself, and be safe out there!

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