Bear Sniffs Tourist Waiting For Bus (Video)

Bear Sniffs Tourist Waiting For Bus (Video)


Bear Sniffs Tourist Waiting For Bus (Video)


What would you do if a black bear approached you while you were waiting for a bus? I’ll admit that’s an oddly specific question to ask, but I considered it after watching the video below.

I’d probably just clenchtake a few deep breaths, and hope that the bear wasn’t feeling a little frisky that day. It’s a black bear, but I still wouldn’t feel comfortable with a bear getting close enough to smell my breath, ya know?

You just can’t trust bears.

Video recorded in Whistler, BC, Canada.


When encountering a black bear your safest option is to be gentle and make noise so it doesn’t feel surprised or threatened 🐻 #wildlife #BC #canada

♬ original sound – Natalie Wannamaker

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