WATCH: Absurd Gully Run in New Zealand

WATCH: Absurd Gully Run in New Zealand


WATCH: Absurd Gully Run in New Zealand


Do you think you could shred this steep and narrow gully? Youtuber Joe Collinson posted a video this week of him climbing up and shredding the MK Gully on the West Face of the Remarkables in New Zealand. This is some seriously sketchy terrain, as he had to make a ramp and downclimb before being able to put on his skis. There is a point or two where he struggles a bit, but pulling off a descent like this is very impressive. An official description by him is below.

“Climbed this M3 mixed route on the West face of the Remarkables last week, and after the last storm, it was pretty filled in so thought it would go as a ski line. Made a 5m rap at the entry, and had to downclimb the bottom step, but otherwise made for some rad gully skiing with a mandatory exposed send in the middle. The line then opens up onto the west face, I went down a couple of 100metres until the snow started to get crappy, but there’s the potential to go way further. Going to try and get back on it later in the year when it’s more filled it and hopefully get it without taking the skis off!”

Here’s another absurd climb and descent on Mt. Aspiring in New Zealand that he pulled off back in 2019.

Image Credits: Joe Collinson

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