Dog Scares Off Pesky Black Bear (Watch)

Dog Scares Off Pesky Black Bear (Watch)


Dog Scares Off Pesky Black Bear (Watch)


A dog that protects farm animals in North Haverhill, New Hampshire was captured by the home’s security camera going face-to-face with a big black bear.

It doesn’t appear that the dog has any fear of the big animal as he barks, snarls, and even bites at the bear until it wanders off the property.

“Occurred on July 7, 2022 / North Haverhill Our farm dog, who protects the animals, is fearless of big bears.”

I don’t know if this dog is extremely brave or just kind of stupid…? I don’t mean that offensively, but I’m just a little bit worried that this hound might have a screw loose to be completely unafraid of a black bear.

With that being said, props to him for doing his job better than 99.999999% of dogs across the country. Protecting the home from a bear should earn him an extra bone and lots of boops!

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