Bald Eagle Adopts Baby Hawk That Was Intended To Be Dinner

Bald Eagle Adopts Baby Hawk That Was Intended To Be Dinner


Bald Eagle Adopts Baby Hawk That Was Intended To Be Dinner


^Young hawk in the bald eagle’s nest. Photo: Pam McCartney/CBC

A webcam set to record a bald eagle’s nest on Gabriola Island, British Columbia captured a spectacular interaction between a bald eagle and a baby red-tailed hawk.

The narrator of the video below believes that the red-tailed hawk was hunted by the bald eagle as food for her eaglet, but something happens when the baby hawk is dropped off at the nest.

Rather than being devoured as dinner, it appears that the hawk has been adopted by the mother eagle!

Video at bottom of article.

The video can be a little bit hard to make out, but it’s pretty spectacular once you realize what’s happening. I’ll help you out with some context before you start watching.

The video starts with the mother eagle returning to the nest. She has a white animal clutched in her talons. That’s the baby red-tailed hawk. You can also see the eaglet, a larger dark-feathered bird, waiting in the nest.

The video is a little long, so feel free to jump around to see the various interactions. The mother eagle feeds the newly adopted hawk for the first time around the 12:15mark.


Video uploaded to YouTube by Pamichen: “Oh my…well, June 4th was one for the books over on Gabriola Island on the Salish Sea. The GROWLS eagle cam captured a most amazing event. Live lunch was seemingly brought in for the eaglet in the nest, but that eaglet had a greater need.

Maybe they are lonely, longing for their lost sibling. Really, who knows what is transpiring with this family, they are wild, one could never guess. But we can watch. And that is the educational part of this wonderful tool that we call security camera. 😉

You can watch a live raptor of some kind (Peregrine Falcon perhaps) get dropped in the nest, served to eaglet and witness a whole new level of nesting happening. I am totally drawn right back into this family. I have had troubles since the untimely death of the younger sibling. Like, I was upset at the parents and sibling for that whole thing. But why???

It’s nature. Ultimately, nature will do what is necessary to survive. Well, this little raptor, new to the fold is going to learn a whole new level of survival. Absolutely Fascinating!!! Check out the GROWLS eagle cam live feed anytime, 24/7 at Be obsessed like me! ha ha ha! 😉

I am really happy that I was able to capture this footage from our webcam. It has been a long time coming for GROWLS to get the funds and have this camera installed by the very skilled Tom Ainsworth. The camera was set up last September when the eagles were up north fishing. To witness this incredible event is pretty wonderful and so educational.

We are blessed and acknowledge that we live, love and grow on the unceded territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation. All footage is the property of GROWLS. If you are interested in helping keep this camera going, GROWLS would graciously accept any donation. We are working on funding to acquire a better quality camera, for zoom and nighttime capabilities. 🙂 Donations can be made on our website at”

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