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Did you know that Wisp Resort, located at Deep Creek, MD, is home to a world-class whitewater course?

Adventure Sports Center International operates the world’s only mountaintop whitewater course at the peak of one of the region’s snowiest ski areas.

The whitewater course is just over 1,700 feet long and is made of natural rock and concrete structures. The course is fitted with six separate variable wave shapers that can create anything from Olympic caliber whitewater to family friendly rapids.

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Rafters can ride the course 4 to 6 times in a continuous loop without having to exit the raft. Rafters ride a conveyor belt from the bottom pool back to the top for the next run.

Experienced kayakers and rafters can purchase a day pass to ride the course without guides as well.

Wisp Resort is an excellent place to ski in the region.

I spent a lot of time there during my years at nearby West Virginia University, and having a world-class whitewater course in the summer months makes Wisp a true gem.

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Wisp Resort

Which mountain would you like to see construct a similar course?

I feel like there’s plenty of small eastern and midwestern ski areas that could make a name for themselves with their own whitewater course.