This Ski Resort Is Hiring A Goat Herder...?

This Ski Resort Is Hiring A Goat Herder...?

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This Ski Resort Is Hiring A Goat Herder...?


If you’re looking for a nice summer job at a ski resort and a good way to boost your resume, look no further than this help wanted ad posted by Mount Baldy in Northern Ontario. While most resort jobs include working the lifts or bussing tables, this job involves herding goats!

The position, titled Livestock Attendant, is responsible for taking care of a small goat herd used for maintaining the different grasses and shrubbery that cover the trails. The employee would be responsible for feeding the goats, driving the livestock around the mountain, cleaning the barn and pens, monitoring goat health, and providing bedding for the animals, among other duties.

It’s a full time, nine week contract paying $15/hr, and while it certainly wouldn’t fit as a long term plan, it could be an incredible experience.

According to CBC, the job could also include protecting the goats from the occasional predator, like wolves or bears, but the goats will be in a fenced area designed to give a good solar-powered zap to any intruders.

“They sense it from such a far distance that they know. They’ll just move. I haven’t had any issues yet, thank the Lord. Knock on wood.” – Daniel Kardas, co-owner of Mount Baldy, to CBC

Originally renting the goats, co-owner of Mount Baldy Daniel Kardas eventually bought 19 of his own last year, and is now up to a total of 33.

According to SFGATE, goats provide an environmentally friendly form of lawn care by eating nearly any plant, including poison ivy, while leaving some natural fertilizer in their wake. They also won’t break after running over a rock like a lawn mower might.

The application period has, unfortunately, already passed, but the posting is still up and running.

Image Credit: Mount Baldy Ski Area on Instagram

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