Moose Attacks Grizzly After Bear Kills Calf (Video)

Moose Attacks Grizzly After Bear Kills Calf (Video)

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Moose Attacks Grizzly After Bear Kills Calf (Video)


Nature is pretty damn wild, and since I began writing here as an intern, a huge part of my day to day life has become watching different wild animal videos. Few, however, have been able to stand up to wildness of the following two videos. These clips come from a yet to open hotel in Glacier National Park, the Many Glacier Hotel, according to FTW USA Today.

According to hotel employees, the grizzly bear, seen being chased by the mother moose in the following video posted to twitter by Cozy Cowboy, had already taken one moose calf before this incident.

The following Instagram video, posted by Jacob Selcer, shows the bear taking the first moose calf. WARNING, the footage is graphic and could be disturbing to some readers, so if you’re easily queasy or lost a pet recently, you may want to refrain from clicking the play button.

Image Credit: Cozy Cowboy on Twitter

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