Tyrol Basin Ski Area (Mt. Horeb, WI) was the only ski area east of the Mississippi River not named Killington that was technically open for lift-serviced skiing and riding this past weekend.

Tyrol hosted their ‘Almost June Jam’ on Saturday, May 21st.

The event is typically a hike park event created by dispersing a preserved pile of snow around and setting up a few features, but Tyrol decided to spin their T-Bar for those that showed up.

Check out the video below of skiers and riders lapping the park posted by Midwestskiers.com to Facebook. Looks like a hell of a good time for skiing and riding on May 21st in Wisconsin!

I love love love love Tyrol Basin. It’s technically my home resort when I’m back home in the Madison, WI area, and I’m proud of it.

What other ski area is cool enough to spread out a patch of slushy snow, fire up their T-Bar, and let the locals rip around for a few hours? None. (I know other ski areas host similar events, but I’m trying to make a point…)

Check out the cool video of a snow-cat at Tyrol Basin spreading out the snow pile for the event. Pretty cool how they could turn nothing into something!