WATCH: Sociopath Skier Cuts Through Entire Lift Line

WATCH: Sociopath Skier Cuts Through Entire Lift Line


WATCH: Sociopath Skier Cuts Through Entire Lift Line


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I’m sorry to bring this video to your attention on this lovely spring morning because it will undoubtedly infuriate you, but I must share for the greater good of the skiing community.

The guy in this video clearly thinks he’s above waiting in lift lines and decides to push his way right up to the chair by sliding over dozens of skis.

I’m sharing this video because we need to do something to combat these self-righteous dbags once and for all.

My proposal: If you ever encounter a guy or gal trying to skip the lift line on a crowded day like this dude, simply put your ski pole between their skis and ask them this simple question: “Are you okay?”

This should throw a wrench in their power trip and could lead to a much needed therapy session in their own twisted internal monologue. It should also physically stop them from continuing to scrape you and your fellow law-abiding skier’s topsheets without causing too much of a scene.

If all else fails just start chanting “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” and encourage the other non-sociopaths waiting their turn to publicly shame the line cutter with you. That should make them re-think their ignorant decision.

Nobody likes to wait in lines on the hill, but that doesn’t make it okay for this type of behavior.

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