New Recyclable Rossignol Ski Launching This Fall

New Recyclable Rossignol Ski Launching This Fall


New Recyclable Rossignol Ski Launching This Fall


Illustration of the Essential skiIf you’re looking for a brand new ski for next season, Rossignol is about to disrupt the market. The Essential ski will be created with “62% recycled certified natural and bio-sourced materials.” The ski will feature lengths of 156, 161, and 166 centimeters, a width of 69 millimeters, and a sidecut of 123-68-104. This narrower ski is aimed toward the company’s European clientele, as Americans(especially on the West Coast) tend to prefer wider skis. The skis will be constructed, repaired, and recycle in Sallanches, which is based in the Alps.

The ski is made up of 35% aluminum, 35% wood, 7% steel, 12% plastic, 5% fine wood, and 6% waste. The plastic, fine wood, and waste portions of the ski are non-recyclable. The production will be done through renewable energy, and the graphic design will be done without water and solvents. The advantage to the Essential is that most modern skis have a recyclable rate of 10%.

This is part of Rossignol’s Essential Movement, which will “offer more equipment designed using fewer materials to achieve a higher rate of recyclability, provide easily accessible collection points to guarantee recovery of our equipment at end-of-life, maximize repairs and second life for our equipment in our workshop in Sallanches, France, [and] Introduce an exclusive new recycling process to increase the volume of recycled equipment and improve its recycling rate.”

When you’re done with the ski, Rossignol will collect the ski and start the recycling process. The new ski will be available this fall. Click here to learn more about the Rossignol Essential.Illustration of the Essential ski Image Credits: Rossignol

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