Skier 'Hangs Ten' With Front Mounted Bindings (Video)

Skier 'Hangs Ten' With Front Mounted Bindings (Video)


Skier 'Hangs Ten' With Front Mounted Bindings (Video)


In any sport, technology is constantly being innovated and changed. Bikes have become lighter, skis have become fatter, sneakers have gained larger soles. With every good idea and change, however, there are several weird ideas that barely see the light of day. I would say Daniel Loosli‘s Hang 10 on skis is one of those weird ideas.

OBVIOUSLY this was just meant as a stunt, not an actual push for innovation in the ski world. It is fun to think what the ski mountains would look like if everyone was mounting their bindings on the very front of their skis…

“Hang 10 on skis: It was foolish to assume that this could be a good idea. But after a few failed attempts, it worked surprisingly well.” Daniel Loosli on Instagram

Image Credit: daniel conrad loosli on YouTube

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