Shredding Natural Land Bridges In Slovenia

Shredding Natural Land Bridges In Slovenia


Shredding Natural Land Bridges In Slovenia


“Why just go up a mountain when you can also go through it? That was the question two freeriders, Stefan Ager and Andreas Gumpenberger, asked themselves before embarking on an unusual ascent route on a ski tour in Slovenia. They spelunked their way through a cave for four days and three nights, hauling all of their ski equipment. Inside, it was wet, uncomfortable, and so narrow in places that they were afraid of getting stuck.”

Finding it extremely difficult to locate where to stream this entire video project titled “A HOLE NEW SKI EXPERIENCE” but it appears to have debuted at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and there are upcoming dates in Austria and Germany where you can see it on the big screen (tickets here).  With that said check out a few clips below and eat your heart out. This zone looks incredible.

“It’s always been this Holy Grail to find openings in the earth to ride through.” –Travis Rice

Betcha Travis Rice is looking at fligts to Slovenia…

INSIDE A Hole New Ski Experience – Bande-annonce from Udanakaï média inc. on Vimeo.


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