Vail Resorts' Attitash Cuts All Summer Activities/Attractions

Vail Resorts' Attitash Cuts All Summer Activities/Attractions


Vail Resorts' Attitash Cuts All Summer Activities/Attractions


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Attitash Mountain Resort is a staple in the New Hampshire ski resort scene.

I’ve skied it myself at least a dozen times on trips with my dad throughout New England, and while I remember having a good time skiing there, it seems like the resort keeps popping up in the news for unfavorable reasons.

Attitash was purchased by Vail Resorts when the company acquired Peak Resorts in 2019 from the disgraced Sackler Family.

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In a move of complete transparency, which is actually refreshing, Attitash’s new GM Brandon Swartz posted a long message to the resort’s social media pages. He thanks everybody for a great season, and then drops a bombshell that the resort won’t be open for summer operations.

Instead, Attitash is focusing on preparing the mountain for next winter season in a new lift installation, repairing old lifts, and building relationships in the community.

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Check out the full post below:

Hi everyone, my name is Brandon Swartz and I am the new General Manager here at Attitash Mountain Resort. I first off want to thank the community and the team here at the resort for welcoming me with open arms. It has been an amazing first 60 days in my role, and I have experienced firsthand the amazing level of dedication and passion that everyone has for this resort. I very much look forward to settling down and raising my family here in the Mount Washington Valley.

I also wanted to take the time to thank everyone who joined us on the slopes this season! It was great to see so many of you have a great time on the mountain – but I also recognize that we also saw our fair share of challenges this year. We have listened to your feedback, and we know that you’re all really here for amazing skiing and riding experience– which is why this summer, we’re going to focus our efforts on pre-emptively maintaining our mountain infrastructure to minimize any disruptions or impacts during the winter season. We will not be offering public attractions or activities this summer. Instead, we are going to focus on:

Supporting the construction of our new lift, the Progression Quad, returning access to our amazing beginner terrain.

Replacing the necessary electrical systems to bring the Kachina Triple back online next season.

Enable our maintenance teams to focus on a dive deep into all of our lifts to make repairs large and small to improve reliability moving forward.

Building a more consistent and out-front communication strategy including more regular videos this summer providing updates on the progress of our projects.

Re-evaluating and reimagining our snowmaking plans to ensure that we can provide an amazing experience for all experience levels as we ramp up our winter season.

Exploring new opportunities to hire the necessary staff by partnering with local seasonal businesses and schools while leveraging our newly announced minimum wage.

Continuing to build strong relationships and partnerships with our community stakeholders.

Thanks to everyone for your patience this summer. We can’t wait to see you next season! – Brandon”

The response has been mixed, but surprisingly positive from the locals. Most in the comments are happy that Vail Resorts/Attitash are making a concerted effort to improve the mountain for skiing and riding, but others are wary that this could just be an excuse for Vail to cut their bottom-line operating costs.

What do you think? Do you think this a good move from Vail Resorts? Are you skeptical? Are you hopeful?

There’s a lot to unpack here, and we want to hear your opinions.

Comments representing both sides have been included below.


@nickumbro17:“Thank you Brandon this has been many season of frustration make attitash great again”

@jimamosscout22: “Love the communication. Well done”

@n8katz:“Welcome, Brandon and the Swartz family. Thank you for stepping up to the challenge. I enjoyed the chance we had to chat outside the Bear Peak lodge a few weeks ago and appreciate your time and candid answers. We’re all pulling for you and your team; your success is ours and the Valley’s, as well.”

@johnmedliniii: “Bummer about the summer activities but if it’s to better the mountain for the long run I’m on board!! We are season pass holders and own at the mountain. Love attitash and happy to read this message regarding the future. Keep up the communication. It goes a long way. Looking forward to ski season already!”


@wfg_den“ood plan if it’s not a cover story for disinterest/inability in being a popular MWV tourist attraction. Also beware the roots, VR GMs get moved constantly to avoid representing local interests. Maybe you’ll buck the established trend! 🤞”

@cwohlers77: “We have heard this before. Get to work and actually deliver on it.”

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