Seven Springs Pond Skim Collision From 2007 Emerges (Video)

Seven Springs Pond Skim Collision From 2007 Emerges (Video)


Seven Springs Pond Skim Collision From 2007 Emerges (Video)


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We posted yesterday about the disastrous pond skim accident that went down at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, PA last year. Warning, that video is pretty hard to watch.

We then shared that video to our Facebook page where somebody commented about a similar incident happening at Seven Springs over a decade ago. It turns out that last year’s accident wasn’t the ski resort’s first injury related to a pond skimming event.

Mike K. shared a video of him slamming into a spectator at Seven Springs’ pond skim back in 2007.

Here’s his description of what happened:

“Like 15 years ago I crushed a spectator at the 7 Springs Pond skim. Nobody was able to make it across both ponds so the spectators filled in along the back. But then I sent it.”

He sent it indeed. Check out the video for yourself. Please remember that this video was recorded and uploaded to YouTube back in 2007. The quality is terrible, but you can still make out what happens.

Hindsight is always 20/20 on these kinds of things, but I have to ask the question on everybody’s minds- Why in the hell wasn’t there any kind of fencing around that pond skim?!

I know this happened 15 years ago, but it’s not like 2007 was the wild f*ckin west. There were plenty of lawyers sharking ski resorts back then looking for reasons to sue.

It just blows my mind that people are literally standing on the edge of the pools. There must have been a lot of liquor flowing… 😂

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