Skier Fights To Escape Couloir Avalanche [Video]

Skier Fights To Escape Couloir Avalanche [Video]


Skier Fights To Escape Couloir Avalanche [Video]


Skier Evan Schock has become one of my favorite follows on YouTube. He doesn’t post frequently, but his videos are always solid when he does.

His most recent video, embedded below, starts with him crushing a couloir line in an undisclosed location. The next clip is him skiing the same line one year later, but he triggers a sluff avalanche and gets carried down the couloir.

He thankfully escapes, but he must have been absolutely terrified for those brief moments. I’ve embedded the video to start right before the slide, but I encourage you watch the whole upload if you have time.

It’s filled with sweet skiing, and another avalanche that he triggered by breaking off a sizeable cornice.

Original YouTube upload link: Here

Evan SchockThx for watching and watch your sluff! First two clips are same line a year apart, coulda been partially buried last week had I not luckily swam out of the slide.”

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