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I realize that title might make it seems like this guy died while skiing Corbet’s, but let me assure you that he’s okay. I just thought it would be engaging headline… that’s all…

Anyways, the video’s title was enough to get me to click. ‘Guy From Boston Skiing – Corbet’s Couloir – Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’ had me genuinely curious. Was this dude from Boston about to make Corbet’s look like a bunny hill, or was he going to get absolutely owned?

You can probably guess how this turned out for him…

Jackson Hole would never put a livestream webcam facing down Corbet’s because it would probably encourage people to do some really dumb things, but just imagine for a second that they did… Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Think about it. What if you watch a constant livestream of people trying to drop into Corbet’s? You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be the best livestream on earth.

If only we didn’t live in a country where everybody and their mom is looking for a way to sue the living shit out of everybody else.

Until that changes, a boy can dream.

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