Unofficial Tested: 'Mt. Baker Storm' Jacket & Bibs Review

Unofficial Tested: 'Mt. Baker Storm' Jacket & Bibs Review


Unofficial Tested: 'Mt. Baker Storm' Jacket & Bibs Review


Photos by Ian Beckley. Give him a follow here: @bklyphoto

Outdoor Research’s new Mt. Baker Storm Jacket and Bibs are an excellent option for skiers and riders looking for protection in wet conditions.

The gear is named after Mt. Baker, after all, and the 2L Gore-Tex is perfect for repelling moisture in the wettest conditions.

Unofficial Networks founder Tim Konrad tested the Jacket and Bibs during a powder-filled week at Taos earlier in the month.

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For context, I was wearing a shell jacket from another brand that got absolutely soaked in the storm. I was pissed, and Konrad was loving life in the Mt. Baker Storm gear.

-He feels that the Mt. Baker Storm gear finds the perfect blend between being not too baggy, and not too tight.

-He said that the gear is extremely versatile. The Gore-Tex shell construction can be layered under for colder days, and layered less for warmer days.

-Konrad also mentioned numerous times, much to my dismay, how dry he stayed through out the week. Even when the snow was absolutely hammering, and when he was practically buried in 37″ of fresh the next couple of days after the storm.

-The gear also features tons of pockets which are perfect for carrying crap around the resort, and looks pretty dang slick.

The Mt. Baker Storm Jacket & Bibs are perfect for the resort rider looking for a kit to keep them high and dry on the deepest of days.


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