Four teenagers caught these (slightly disturbing) clips of a mountain lion attacking an elk from their car on Wednesday, February 8th. They were taken in Routt County, Colorado, where Steamboat Springs is located. The video was originally submitted to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and posted on Facebook on January 10th. The animals in the first clip are rather well lit by the car’s headlights, so it’s pretty easy to see what’s going on. It looks like the mountain lion has chomped onto the elk’s face, and is trying to take the thing down. In neither of the videos, however, does the mountain lion seem to succeed.

I’m tempted to pick sides in the conflict and root for the elk, but at the same time, Mother Nature does what she does, right? Circle of life, or something like that? Also, in the beginning of the second clip, someone in the car is sticking an ice scraper out the window. I don’t know what they were thinking of doing with that, but I really hope they had no intention of trying to save the elk. That would be, well, a very, very, bad idea.

Image and Video Credit: Steamboat Pilot & Today on YouTube

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