Skiing Dog Is The Next 'Air Bud'

Skiing Dog Is The Next 'Air Bud'


Skiing Dog Is The Next 'Air Bud'


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He aims to be the next Air Bud

This skiing dog walks up to the fire hydrant with a little bit of extra swagger in his four-legged gait. He looks down at all of the butt-sniffing heathens that make up his species. He’s a skier after all.

He’s amongst the elite pooches in the world. He doesn’t have time for chasing balls, barking at squirrels, or even biting the mailman in the ass. He is consumed with skiing. He only has 4 years to become the first dog to ever compete in the Olympics.

Canines across the world are watching him. Their hopes and dreams rest on on the scruff of his neck. The pressure is on. WOOF!

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