A proposed ski resort near Moosehead Lake in Piscatiquis County, Maine, is facing some pushback as residents of the area fear the quiet town could become too crowded. The possible resort, currently referred to as Big Moose Mountain, will face a public hearing in the coming weeks, as the the Maine Public Land Commision voted to do so on February 9th.

Big Moose Mountain does already exist, but the former owner has managed to leave the resort in shambles and developers have stepped in to purchase the area and build it back up. If developed, the resort would be the 4th biggest in Maine.

The planned developments include new lifts, a 60-room hotel, a new lodge, and more for just phase one. Residents of the area certainly want to see the area developed for economic success, but a quick growth due to a new, large resort may destroy how special the area is for many.

“There’s a constant tension. None of us want to see this place become Bar Harbor” – Chris King, secretary of the Moosehead Region Futures Committee, to the Bangor Daily News

Bar Harbor is, of course, the very popular tourist town next to Acadia National Park in Maine. I understand why the locals are concerned. As someone who grew up in Maine, I’ve watched through my life as the areas surrounding me have exploded in popularity, and it does feel like Maine is somewhat losing what makes it so special. But I also think more ski mountains are never really a bad thing. If it’s done right, it could be awesome for the area and the state. (Also, Moosehead is VERY far north, so the concern of Massholes destroying the region is pretty slim.)

Image Credit: The Friends of the Mountain on Facebook

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