10 Barrel Brewing's Beercat is Back!

10 Barrel Brewing's Beercat is Back!

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10 Barrel Brewing's Beercat is Back!


Lead Photo Cedit: 10 Barrel Brewing

Snowcats. They are a major ingredient to the operating success of ski resorts nationwide. Each and every night you can see them crawling up and down the trails, laying down the cord you so crave when you head to the mountain each morning.

Odds are, you have probably heard of and/or seen a snowcat in your trips to the mountains. But have you ever heard of the Beercat?

The Beercat is the Ultimate Mountain Beer Delivery Machine

Photo Cedit: 10 Barrel Brewing

The Beercat is the brainchild of 10 Barrel Brewing. Carefully designed to bring suds slopeside to resort goers, it allows a thirsty skier to drink a beer with a unique ‘drink beer outside’ spin from 10 Barrel. In short, the 10 Barrel Brewing Beercat is the ultimate mountain beer delivery system and beginning this weekend at Mt. Shasta it is back on tour.

10 Barrel Brewing originally began in Bend, Oregon not far from Mount Hood. With a location so close to the mountains their mantra encourages patrons to drink beer outside and have fun doing it. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that après-ski is very much a part of the culture of 10 Barrel. The Beercat takes this ethos and elevates it to another level.

A “Mini Pub” on Tracks

The Beercat was originally designed by former professional snowboarder and tiny house builder, Mike Basich in 2018. He even documented the build in a video series.

10 Barrel Brewing is known for their pop up pubs in mountain towns around the country and the Beercat is essentially a mobile version of these “mini pubs” that’s able to take on mountain terrain.

Photo Cedit: 10 Barrel Brewing

The base is a 1987 Spryte Snowcat with the back being converted into a covered bar. The walls on either side plus the rear all fold down to reveal the bar complete with taps pouring 10 Barrel’s tasty beers.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll ultimately able to enjoy many of 10 Barrel’s craft beer offerings without ever leaving the trails. It is the ultimate in slopeside après ski.

10 Barrel Brewing Beercat Tour Starts This Weekend

Photo Cedit: 10 Barrel Brewing

10 Barrel Brewing’s Beercat will make its way to six different resorts this winter beginning this weekend at Mt. Shasta, California. You can check it out there or at any of the following locations:

Mt Shasta: Event Dates 2/5-6
Schweitzer: Event Dates 2/19-21
Silver  Mtn: Event Dates  2/25-27
Pebble Creek: Event Dates 3/12-13
Crystal: Event Dates 3/26-27
Eldora: Event Dates 4/2-3


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