Blake Dixon with his igloo

Blake Dixon loves snow more than anybody else on planet earth. Okay, that might be hard to prove, but he’s certainly within the top .0000001% when it comes to lovers of the white fluffy stuff.

Dixon has built a large igloo in South Euclid, OH (a suburb of Cleveland), that features multiple rooms. He even plans on adding more rooms, and a chimney with a fireplace in the coming days.

His igloo looks like the ultimate hangout spot for adults and kids. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to pour some whiskey ciders and chill out in an igloo for an afternoon? Looks so nice and cozy.

This was the feel-good “news” that I needed today. You can tell that this man’s love of snow is genuine and pure. Seeing him light up talking about his igloo brought a smile to face.

Just remember- you’re never too old or busy to have fun. Go outside. Play in the snow. Build an igloo. Enjoy life.

Social media, television, and video games are fun, but there’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors.

Well done, Blake, well done!

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