How To Prevent Frostbite While Skiing (Temps Down to -30F)

How To Prevent Frostbite While Skiing (Temps Down to -30F)


How To Prevent Frostbite While Skiing (Temps Down to -30F)


Trail Map - Granite Peak

Granite Peak Trail Map

Granite Peak in Wausau, WI is the largest ski area in the Badger State. The mountain boasts a 700′ vertical (more than 2x larger than pretty much every other ski area in the state), 55 Trails, 7 gladed areas, 4 renowned terrain parks, 225 acres of skiable terrain, and 7 lifts (including the only high-speed 6-pack in the state).

Those numbers might not seem like a lot for you folks blessed with regular access to Western ski resorts, but they’re pretty damn big for Midwesterners looking for turns on snow.

Wisconsin is known for a few things: beer, cheese, football, cows, brats, the Green Bay Packers, and brutally cold winters. So how do you safely go skiing or riding when it’s well below 0F for days on end?

Granite Peak GM Greg Fisher has the details for bundling up and preventing frostbite while you’re at Granite Peak, or any ski area for that matter.

Send this video to a buddy who tells you, ‘Dude. I don’t need a facemask today. I never ride with one. I’ll just pull my jacket up if my face gets cold.’

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