How To Split Ski With Xavier de Le Rue

How To Split Ski With Xavier de Le Rue


How To Split Ski With Xavier de Le Rue


Navigating long flats or a short downhill in between uphill sections can be tough for a splitboarder. Do you go through the hassle of putting your board in snowboard mode, or do you just send it on your split skis?

Legendary big mountain snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue provides his tips and tricks to make downhill split skiing easier for backcountry riders. Xavier shows how learning to ride with your board split will save time and energy.

Check out his super handy video below:

HOW TO XVWhen splitboarding you often find yourself with a short transition pitch, where it doesn’t make sense to assemble back your splitboard into riding mode but where “split ski” is a much more efficient way to go through it.( it also very often involves a bit of comedy…)

In this episode of How To XV, I go through some of the tips I have learnt through my many split missions. Either with skins on or without skins we will go through a few pointers which will save you a ton of energy and keep you moving quickly .

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Edit by: Tim Burgess
Motion Graphics by: FX Pergola.
Thanks to: The North Face, Rossignol & FATMAP”

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