Jeremy Rubingh, author of a petition aimed to hold Vail Resorts accountable for their treatment of Stevens Pass, which has reached over 41,000 signatures as of January 18th, is now asking Epic Pass holders to cancel the pass’s “auto-renewal” feature.

The update, posted on the petition’s page, claims that Vail sees the Epic Pass as a subscription service, and by conducting a mass cancelation of auto-renewal’s, the company will see that they need to earn their past customer’s business back, rather than simply continuing to collect money.

“Vail thinks of itself as skiing as a service or a subscription, like Netflix. They have our money for 21-22 season but one key metric that subscription companies look for as a business is renewals. This will put pressure on Vail’s 22-23 season.”

The update does point out the success its had so far in changing the way Vail has treated its mountains, like the $2/hr bonus offered to employees if they complete the season, or the fact that Stevens Pass hired a new interim manager who grew up skiing Stevens, rather than an outsider with little knowledge of the mountain’s function and culture. But the problems at Stevens Pass continue, and Rubingh states the fight against Vail must continue, both to see those problems fixed, and in solidarity with Vail’s many other resorts.

“Please join us on January 18th by sending a message stating that you’d like to cancel your pass “auto-renewal.” Even if you don’t have the auto-renewal activated, you can send an email to explaining why you will not be renewing your pass.”

If you want to sign the petition, you can access the website here, and Rubingh asks for any thoughts or creative ideas on how to continue the fight be directed to his Instagram, @jeremycoloradoboy.

Image Credits:, Stevens Pass