Alta Ski Area Replacing Sunnyside Lift With 6-Pack This Summer

Alta Ski Area Replacing Sunnyside Lift With 6-Pack This Summer


Alta Ski Area Replacing Sunnyside Lift With 6-Pack This Summer


Patrollers heading up Collins Lift. Credit: Rocko Menzyk/Alta Ski Area

Documents filed with the US Forest Service show that Alta Ski Area is planning on replacing its Sunnyside Lift with a highspeed detachable six-pack this spring and summer.

The new chairlift is part of Alta’s Master Plan that was approved by the US Forest Service in 2017.

Here’s the skinny of what’s going down this spring/summer at Alta:

  1. Alta will remove Albion Lift.
  2. Alta will replace the current Sunnyside Triple with a detachable six-pack chairlift.

The new chairlift will essentially replace two chairlifts, and dramatically improve Alta’s uphill capacity. The document filed with the US Forest Service listed the reasons for the project under the Purpose and Need Section:

Purpose and Need:

The Albion lift is a fixed-grip, center-pole chairlift that was installed in 1976. It is rarely operated and is maintained only to provide back-up capacity out of the Albion base area in the event that Sunnyside lift breaks down. However, Alta Ski Area (Alta) plans to replace Sunnyside lift with a new, six-pack detachable lift during the summer of 2022, a project approved in the Forest Service’s 2017 decision on Alta’s master development plan revision. The new lift would serve the functions of both the existing Sunnyside and Albion lifts, making Albion lift unnecessary. Coupled with its age and condition, this makes removal of the Albion lift appropriate at this time.

Albion Lift removal project area

Improving the uphill capacity from the Albion Base should help Alta disperse skiers on the mountain during the busiest days.

What do you think about Alta replacing Sunnyside and Albion with a fancy shmancy six-pack? Was it necessary, or is there something else the ski area should be focusing on first?

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