BREAKING: Candide Thovex Is Leaving Faction Skis

BREAKING: Candide Thovex Is Leaving Faction Skis


BREAKING: Candide Thovex Is Leaving Faction Skis


Image Credit: FACEBOOK/Faction Skis

Faction Skis released an official statement confirming the long-standing rumor that Candide Thovex is parting ways with the brand after the conclusion of this season.

Candide, arguably the most recognizable name of skiing (not to mention probably the best skier on the planet), is now poised to take his talents elsewhere.

His next landing spot in uncertain, but Faction Skis had nothing but positive things to say about their professional relationship with the French skier over the last 10 years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Candide plans to launch his own line of skis. He’s already selling his own outwear brand, and his own ski company just makes sense. If not, I’m sure he’ll land a lucrative deal with a major player in the freeriding scene. It’s not everyday that you get an opportunity to sign the GOAT of freeskiing to your brand.

Check out the full press release below, and pour one out for the end of one of the most famous ski brand to professional skier relationships in the last couple of decades:

Credit: Faction Skis


Winter 2021-22 marks the final season of collaboration between Faction Skis and Candide Thovex, with both parties moving on amicably to new adventures in the spring.

“On behalf of everyone at The Faction Collective, I would like to thank Candide for the incredible impact he has brought to the Faction Skis brand” says Faction CEO and Co-Founder, Alex Hoye. “Candide’s genius undoubtedly helped put Faction on the map and for that we will forever be grateful. After 10 years working together to develop award-winning skis, both parties feel we have achieved what we set out do. Now, with exciting new adventures to explore, we head on our different paths with great memories and respect. We wish Candide nothing but the best on his journey ahead. One thing we’re sure of, the future is bright for both Candide and Faction, and that’s a pretty good sign that our relationship has been a success. Candide, thank you!”

The 2021-22 CT Signature Series is therefore confirmed as the final collection of Candide Thovex Pro Model skis by Faction, available at Faction retail partner stores across the globe and online at factionskis. com. “Candide’s vision for a freeski collection helped guide our philosophy for this series, with the final collection being undoubtedly our most exciting and high-quality range to date” notes Hoye. “As a mark of respect for the role Candide has played in the development of the brand, we will retire the CT 5.0 ski model on which he made so much history, assigning this special ski to its rightful place in freeski lore.”

After a decade of collaboration punctuated with countless ski awards, limited-edition product releases and industry innovation, we have released a timeline of our journey. We encourage you to scroll through and recall Faction and Candide’s most memorable moments of the past 10 years.

Check out the timeline of Candide and Faction Ski’s journey here.

Featured Image Credit: FACEBOOK/Candide Thovex

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