WATCH: Newly-Released Segments From MSP's 'The Stomping Grounds'

WATCH: Newly-Released Segments From MSP's 'The Stomping Grounds'


WATCH: Newly-Released Segments From MSP's 'The Stomping Grounds'


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- there’s no better way to start a morning at your desk than watching a ski movie. Of course, we’d all rather be booting up for a day on the hill, but when you’re stuck on day 574 of working from home, a ski movie can set you up for a productive rest of your morning.

Check out the two segments that have been released from Matchstick Production’s ‘The Stomping Grounds’. I hope they get you feeling motivated for whatever kind of bullshit-corporate-desk-job you slave away at so you can put your kids through college someday.

Sun Valley Segment: Called the first Ski Resort in America Sun Valley holds a strong legacy of skiing royalty. Here, a new wave of skier has emerged pushing the sport to new levels, influenced by the generation that did so before them. This full segment release from #thestompinggrounds follows this new crew of shredders around their home turf and explores the history of skiing that brought them there. Featuring the timeless footage of Wing Tai’s grandfather Dick Barrymore this segment shares a stoke as timeless as skiing itself. #skimovie Featuring:
Banks Gilberti / McKenna Peterson / Lucy Sackbauer / Collin Collins / Karl Fostvedt / Wing Tai Barrymore”

Jaw Rawe, Adaptive Skier Segment: “In this full segment release from #thestompinggrounds Jay Rawe shreds the hallowed terrain of Palisade Tahoe. After surviving a terrible BASE accident Jay takes adaptive sports to another level for the new #skimovie from Matchstick Productions. “

Click here if you want to watch the full film: The Stomping Grounds

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