“On December 26th, a panel of ancient petroglyphs in the Indian Head area of Big Bend National Park was irreparably damaged when vandals chose to boldly scratch their names and the date across the prehistoric art. If you have any information about the incident, or the persons involved, please contact the National Park Service.”

Park rangers are looking for the vandals who destroyed ancient petroglyphs,  at Big Bend National Park last month. A photo from the NPS clearly shows the names and the date on top of one of the rock carvings at the park. The names appear to read Ariel, Issae, Norma, Adrian and 12-26-21.

“Damaging natural features and rock art destroys the very beauty and history that the American people want to protect in our parks. With each instance of vandalism, part of our Nation’s heritage is lost forever.” –Big Bend National Park Superintendent Bob Krumenaker

KXAN reports Big Bend park managers have seen more vandalism and graffiti at the park, including several instances targeting prehistoric art. Since 2015, there have been at least 50 documented cases of vandalism at the sites. Trained staff attempts to fix the damage but often it’s is permanent.

Anyone who knows who did this vandalism is asked to contact law enforcement at the park at 432-477-1187.

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