Texas Man Builds Electric Skis (That Actually Work)

Texas Man Builds Electric Skis (That Actually Work)


Texas Man Builds Electric Skis (That Actually Work)


‘Electric skis’ sounds like a thing that shouldn’t be possible, but hey it’s nearly 2022 and electric motors are having a moment.

YouTuber Cody Hovland, from Houston, TX, wanted to make a pair of skis he could ride all year long. He was tired of making the annual trek up to the mountains of Colorado, so he took matter into his own hands. The video he made is really goofy, but he does manage to create some pretty cool electric skis.

Should you expect to see electric skis sold by a manufacturer someday? No. Is it still kind of cool to see somebody ride skis powered by electric skateboard motors? Well… yeah!

I’ve embedded the video to start once Hovland figures out how to ride the skis. The first half is a little bit eccentric, but feel free to start it from the beginning if you’re interested in watching the entire building process.

Would you ride a pair of these electric skis?

Cody Hovland: I’ve been put in charge of the newly created Winter Sports Initiative to bring winter sports to the South. Will I be successful?”

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