Subaru Owners Get Front-Row Parking at Killington

Subaru Owners Get Front-Row Parking at Killington


Subaru Owners Get Front-Row Parking at Killington


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Just a quick little reminder for those of you in the market for a new car… Buy a Subaru, and you’ll get pristine front-row VIP parking at Killington 7-days a week. Not even kidding on this one. Check out the Instagram post from Killington at the bottom of this blog if you need proof.

Suddenly, all of the granola ski bums camping out in various parking lots across Colorado have decided to migrate to Vermont. They still have to pay for the IKON Pass, but that parking spot offer is just too sweet.

Some people are saying that there’s a steady stream of 1995 Outbacks making their way east on I-70 as we speak. They’ve formed a convoy, and the little towns near I-70 in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana are complaining that a strong skunky smell is following the vehicles.

There’s also multiple reports that the convoy is all playing the same endless Phish jam session in unison with their windows down causing the small town folks to mellow out.

You asked for it Killington. The Subie Squad is coming, and there’s nothing you can do to stop their crunchy granola asses from getting those sweet parking spots.

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