Alex Hall's "SECURITY NOTICE" Is Street Skiing Gold

Alex Hall's "SECURITY NOTICE" Is Street Skiing Gold


Alex Hall's "SECURITY NOTICE" Is Street Skiing Gold


This might be a hot take, but I’m starting to think that street/urban skiing might be the best genre for ski movies. Not to hate on big mountain, freestyle, or powder skiing videos, but there’s something about a tastefully done street skiing video that just gets me all juiced up.

I think it has something to do with the creativity of street skiing tricks. There seems to be endless possibilities for street skiers as long as they have a big set of balls and a winch, and I just can’t get enough of watching them show out in their videos.

Alex Hall’s “SECURITY NOTICE” is an awesome urban skiing short film that’s a must watch. I appreciate that he chose to leave some clips of him struggling on different spots. It really shows just how difficult this shit is to pull off, and then brutal consequences for eating it.

Hope ya enjoy!

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