“In 2020, we made a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint by investing in a photovoltaic solar system that is capable of producing close to 100% of the factory’s energy needs. We took advantage of our location in Dubai which enjoys sunshine all year round and has a photovoltaic potential 2.5 times more than the world average.”

You might not associate United Arab Emirates with snow sports or environmentally friendly business practices but there’s snowboard maker in Dubai that will change your perspective. SWS Board Technology pumps out some of the snowboard industries most revered brands and they do it using energy harnessed by a photovoltaic solar system that is capable of fulfilling nearly all of the operation’s energy needs.  To learn more about their social, economic, and environmental accountability effort GO HERE:

“SWS was established with a pure passion for producing the highest performing and durable action sports boards. At the same time, it was born with a deep desire to protect the environments we perform the sport in. We are conscious that manufacturing our goods will always leave an environmental footprint, however, we are 100% committed towards reducing our impact where possible. And we go beyond this step by aiming to use all our resources and influence to contribute towards the wellbeing of the community, society and the planet as a whole for future generations.”

Here’s how Arbor Snowboards describes their partnership with SWS Board Technology:

Our partnership with SWS Board Technology continues to evolve as we continue to learn and evolve our product line and build process for the future of snowboarding and the world we inhabit. Never perfect, but together we chase building the perfect snowboard and leaving it better than we found it. Manufactured with 100% Solar Energy –

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