"How To Have A Good Time In The Mountains When It's Super Sketchy Everywhere"

"How To Have A Good Time In The Mountains When It's Super Sketchy Everywhere"


"How To Have A Good Time In The Mountains When It's Super Sketchy Everywhere"


If you aren’t subscribed to Nikolai Schirmer‘s YouTube page, are you even a skier? The dude consistently puts out high-quality content that’s fun to watch, and his videos always have awesome skiing.

Nikolai recently had a pretty serious injury that probably ended this season for him, but he’s still firing with all of the awesome footage he captured last season.

The video below is of a backcountry mission he undertook with friends in Norway back in February. The snow conditions were super sketchy across the region due to cold temps and minimal snowfall for an entire month. The result was a weak persistent layer that made the mountains a powder keg for a big avalanche.

Niko shows us how you can still have fun in the backcountry even when conditions are sketch. You need to stick to low angle terrain, bring the appropriate gear (beacon, probe, shovel), and make sure you know what the hell you’re doing out there, but there’s still fun to be had.

Niko and his crew enjoyed an awesome approach along a ridgeline, camped out on the peak under the Northern Lights, and rode low-angle pow on the descent. Not a bad way to spend a couple of days, huh?

Nikolai Schirmer: When the mountains are collapsing all around you, where do you go? In this video you’ll meet: https://www.instagram.com/nikolaischi





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