Après You Say? Mount Bohemia's Can't Be Beat

Après You Say? Mount Bohemia's Can't Be Beat


Après You Say? Mount Bohemia's Can't Be Beat


The beautiful Nordic Spa at Mount Bohemia

I have a challenge for you. Find me another ski resort (that isn’t Mount Bohemia, MI) in the United States of America that has a spa with a fully-stocked bar sitting at the bottom, and whose season pass only costs $99 that includes access to the awesome spa… Time’s up because I know you won’t be able to find one. There’s only Mount Bohemia that fits that description!

I know I said a lot of complimentary things about Boho in my last blog, but I definitely undersold how incredible the ski resort’s Nordic Spa après scene is. Let me paint a picture for you using some eloquently written words that could only be used to describe the gem that is Mount Bohemia

You wake up in the morning around 8am in your yurt at the base of the only powder skiing destination in the entirety of the Midwest. There’s a fresh coating of 5″ of snow laying on the already-deep snowpack thanks to the never-ending lake effect snow cycle in the region. You strap your skis on, ride up a chairlift without a lift line, and ski endless tree runs until you feel like your hamstrings are going to explode.

The hot tub is the place to be at Mount Bohemia’s Nordic Spa

You head back to your yurt. Take off your ski boots (easily one of the best feelings in the world), and put on your bathing suit. You then scurry on over to the Nordic Spa, grab a cold one, and enjoy the next 6 hours at one of the best après scenes in North America. Sounds pretty damn nice, doesn’t it?

The Nordic Spa is an amazing après scene for any skier or snowboarder. The giant hot tub is a social gathering hub chock-full of interesting characters with drinks in hand. It’s the perfect place to gather with friends, or meet some new folks from all over the country. It generates a welcoming vibe to all that enter. I literally had a 30-minute conversation with a stranger from Duluth, MN that ranged from the day’s ski conditions to how much is sucks cleaning up cow shit on a farm. It can be a weird place, but I thoroughly enjoyed the social friendliness that exudes from the hot tub.

The indoor section of the spa has a sauna that’s literally behind the bar. I don’t know of any place, let alone a ski resort, where you can order a drink and soak in a sauna, but it’s sure fun as hell to combine the two. Running from the sauna to the outdoors for a dip in the cold plunge pool is also something I’ll never forget. I’ve never been so cold yet so relaxed in my life.

The Nordic Spa bar with the door to the sauna in the background!

I’ve been trying to find some kind of comparison to Mount Bohemia’s Nordic Spa to make it easier for people who haven’t been there to understand, but I’m stumped. It’s like if you combined the atmosphere and décor of a ritzy lavish European ski chalet with a clientele of powder-hungry ski bums.

You end up with a really nice pool, sauna, bar, and hot tub filled with people you actually want to talk to. The Nordic Spa is the place to be after a long day of skiing powder at Mount Bohemia whether you’re planning on having a few drinks, a few more drinks, or not drinking at all. It’s just that much fun.

Chilling in the sauna after a long day on the mountain is perfect.

Mount Bohemia is world-renowned for the oddity that it is as a geological feature in this region, but I don’t think it has the same vibe without the Nordic Spa.

Sure, you can enjoy skiing powder all day and then just head right back to your yurt, but, it’s definitely more fun when you can cap off the evening with a soak in a hot tub, a drink in hand, and surrounded by old and new friends alike.

cold plunges are so refreshing

I don’t know how those Boho people managed to do it, but they legitimately created one of the best après scenes I’ve ever been apart of. The Nordic Spa breathes fun and relaxation into the air. It’s open from 11:30AM-12:00AM daily throughout the ski season meaning you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it throughout your stay.

You’ll meet new people, have a blast with those you came with, and ultimately leave with a smile on your face thinking about the après experience. I highly recommend that every skier and rider experience it for themselves. You won’t regret it.

The awesome, brand-new steam room at Mount Bohemia’s Nordic Spa

Mount Bohemia’s $99 season pass sales runs until December 4th. Grab that insanely cheap deal while you still can! Click here for more info.

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