PO'd Elk Charges Idiot's Van

PO'd Elk Charges Idiot's Van


PO'd Elk Charges Idiot's Van


It’s November 22nd, and I’m still stumbling across videos of idiots messing with elk during the rut season. I just don’t get it at this point.

Here’s a pretty easy rule to follow to avoid finding yourself being written about on Unofficial Networks when it comes to an elk interaction- If you see a big bull elk strutting around in the months of September, October, November just stay the hell away from it. I don’t care if you want a once-in-a-lifetime photo. You will get charged, and you could get hurt.

These people are lucky they were driving a beater van, but they’re still dumb for continuing to drive closer to this clearly-agitated elk.

Video Uploaded by: Dale Boan– “A bull elk take a dislike to a van which stopped too close.”

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