Curious Young Moose Just Won't Leave Hunter Alone

Curious Young Moose Just Won't Leave Hunter Alone


Curious Young Moose Just Won't Leave Hunter Alone


Got a pretty funny video out of British Columbia for you this Friday morning. This hunter cane across a young bull moose that you might say was a little more curious than the average moose.

There might be a chance this moose is infected with a brain worm that we talked about in this blog, but I’m not positive. The brain worm can be ingested when the moose eats infected slugs or snails. It makes them unafraid of humans and cause them to act unnaturally.

I hope that’s not the case for this young bull, and that he just has a curious demeanor about him. I thought it was kind of funny how this hunter was initially scared (as he should be), and then he started to warm up to the little guy. He definitely shouldn’t have reached out his hand to pet the moose, but I guess he started to feel pretty comfortable once he realized he wasn’t in danger.

“Occurred on September 26, 2021 / Chetwynd, British Columbia, Canada “I was on a hunting trip near Chetwynd. On my early morning hunt, I met two other hunters riding towards me on their ATV. They told of this moose on the trail ahead of me that was not of legal size or configuration to take. As soon as we passed I saw the moose walking on the trail towards me. I drove ahead slowly and the moose walked down the trail ahead of me to where he could get off the trail we were on. I stopped to take some pictures of him to send home, the moose stepped behind some bushes where I didn’t have a clear view so I walked towards him a little way where I could see him better and decided to take a video of him. I started to record and made a moose call sound. This is when he became very interested in me and started to walk toward me. I thought he would stop before he got close but he just kept coming! He was getting so close I decided to retreat back towards my quad but he continued his advance all the way to my quad, the videos show the rest. There were few tense moments!”

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