Are We Sure That Kai Jones Is Only 14-Years-Old? 🤔

Are We Sure That Kai Jones Is Only 14-Years-Old? 🤔


Are We Sure That Kai Jones Is Only 14-Years-Old? 🤔


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Me, trying to figure out if Kai Jones is actually 14.

I don’t mean to create skiing’s own ‘birther’ conspiracy, but are we 100% sure that Kai Jones is only 14-years-old? I’m not asking for physical proof to see his birth certificate, but it would certainly help me to believe that this kid (if he even is a kid…) is actually the age he claims to be.

It just doesn’t add up. No 14-year-old “kid” should be this god damn good at skiing, right? I mean there has to be some kind of physical parameters to limit the maximum skills a 14-year-old can possess, but that doesn’t seem to apply to Kai Jones.

Again, I don’t necessarily have to see Kai’s birth certificate, but I’m really starting to question if those folks over at TGR have some kind of grand conspiracy going to make us believe that they have the next skiing prodigy on their hands. When REALLY they have a grown man who is one of the best skiers in the world acting like he’s a teenager…

Here’s some proof of my conspiracy if you need. Kai Jones’ new segment ‘Yearbook 2021’ just dropped, and there’s no way in hell that a 14-year-old could really pull this level of skiing off.

I hope you could detect my extreme levels of sarcasm and stupidity in the words above. I just think it’s absolutely insane that Kai Jones is already this incredible of a skier. Imagine how good this kid is going to be when he’s full grown and has a few more seasons under his belt. He’s definitely on track to go down as one of the greatest skiers of all time if he keeps up this pace.

Here’s a replay of that insane cliff drop in the segment. Mental.

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